Welcome to RPM Motorsports Racing!

RPM Motorsports Racing has been around since 2005, when a couple of good friends convinced me that going racing was the best way to learn how to go faster. I had only a few track days under my belt before some racing buddies were helping me track down a race bike on the WERA classifieds and the next thing I know I was shopping for my first SV 650. A few weeks later there was a Friday with racing school, tech inspection, an entry form and a big blue shirt on over my leathers and we were going racing!

Six years later and I have experienced and learned a tremendous amount about racing and the community that goes with it. I've been lucky enough to make great friends that have helped guide me along my learning curve, and we agree that there's more for me to learn. In 2011 we wrapped up our second year aboard "the big bikes" with our eyes more open than ever before and ready for what the coming year has in store for us. We haven't really competed as much as we would have liked over the past three years due to the reason most people haven't. The economy has been tough to all in every discipline of every sport, motorcycle racing has been no different. We have been fortunate enough to keep the relationships with some that have weathered the tough times and maturing with us as we grow as a team together in the years ahead of us.

In 2013 we are contesting Sprint efforts in a National series. We are planning to make the entire season and with the support of each other, our sponsors, our supporters and our fans we will accomplish our goals. Please look around the site and help us out by "liking" the team on in the Facebook window to the right. You will be able to get info on all things team related from press releases to updates and even info on live video streams trackside at the events we attend. Please scroll through our Partners page to see the gear and parts that the team trusts for use on the track and if you have any questions for us at all, visit the Contact page and shoot us an email. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for visiting, we'll see you at the track!